Run for OHM- 10k

Goodbye June,

It is tough to believe June is about over. For some reason, this month has flown by, and I still do not truly feel like it’s summer.

I ran Strides for Sara – 5k at the beginning of the month and thought that a race would kick start my “summer mojo,” but it just did not happen.

Last weekend my whole family ran the Run for OHM. Brent and the girls ran the 5k and I ran the 10k, what a fun morning. The weather was nice and cool and we all ran hard. The first 2 miles of the course for the 10k ended up being the same route we ran in Strides for Sara, so it was familiar and not too bad.  It was miles 4-6 which had some significant long gradual hills to fight against that pushed me to the point of croaking.

At any rate, I finished, and for the first time post my college days I broke 7 minute miles, somehow pulling off 6:57′s with a time of 43:06. I was pretty excited about that considering that was my first 10k this summer and I felt pretty awful the last mile or so.
Run for OHM #Time


These days I am really into “Results By Age Group”  being 40 has been  cool in some cases :-).  Although, I am going to have to step my training up a notch if I plan to beat my OHM time.  I have felt myself slacking a bit at the track lately during workouts, I just haven’t had that last little bit of push to pull off a super pace.

Run For Ohm
River Forks Park
    1 Sarah Agsten          45   41:48  6:44 |     5 Pam Doyle             45 1:01:05  9:50
    2 Heidi Eichman         40   43:06  6:57 |     6 Smith Campos          41 1:01:49  9:57
    3 Melody Ballard        40   54:24  8:46 |     7 Kimberly Dileo        46 1:07:27 10:52
    4 Mary Waters           49 1:00:16  9:42 |     8 Sherrie Shaffer       49 1:09:29 11:11


The girls and Brent also had a great race, they all broke the 30 minute mark in the 5k.

OHM Brent, Sam, Kenz Times

The picture below is our awesome team, minus a few who we couldn’t’ t round up for a picture.
OHM Team

The proceeds from the race will go to the local Community Cancer Center. Being a cancer survivor myself I can’t think of a better cause, my family ran for all of those who are fighting like champions.

I encourage everyone to find a run or event this summer that supports a good cause and participate. It is good for you, your community and others in need.

Happy Running!


First 5k of 2014

Hi There,

I have been so busy, blogging was put on the back burner. I’m just getting back into the summer groove, registering for a few races and doing some wine tasting with friends! I need to share some recipes and as requested some motivation.

We didn’t run as much at Crossfit this winter. I felt like I had lost some speed but maintained a base.

The past few weeks I hit the track to do a little speed work in combination with some increasingly tough WOD’s (including sprints) at the gym.

A little preparation went a long way and I clocked a time of 20:03. Unfortunately the course length may have been a bit questionable.

That said the race was fun and supported a great cause! I felt fortunate to participate with many friends and colleagues.



Another stride out of my comfort zone. It feels so good!

Happy running!

Question of the day:
Are you registered for my races or fun run/ walks this summer?

Self Control and Diet

Happy Wednesday,

I woke up feeling exhausted today, then I looked in the mirror seeing and feeling the impact of my “relaxed” diet lately.  It has been almost a full 11 months post my start at CrossFit and the start of my education on nutrition.  I have been reading “health” magazines for years and have purchased books to educate myself but.. it wasn’t until I started CrossFit that I had the desire to boost my energy level and solve some nutrition issues.

Paying close attention to what I eat has taught me a bunch about my body and answered some mystery questions.  I have identified my extreme aversion to nuts, and this has made my life much better by eliminating stomach issues.  I have also discovered that my addiction to sugar is extreme.  I have been attempting to kick it for the past year.

Here are a few other items I have taken to heart this past year.  I have done ok in all areas eating 3 meals and snacks.


I have spent the last week cleaning out my cupboards in an attempt to remove the large amounts of junk that have infiltrated my house when I let my guard down. After going through this process for  the 3rd or 4th time this year, today I reached my tipping point. I am tired.  Tired of the ups and downs.  In the end only I can determine what to eat and whether I want to feel my best. Of course nobody is perfect but, the 80/20 rule would be a step in the right direction.

Foods to eat CF WOD BOOK

This is step 1 for me – I had my blood work done this morning so I figure there is no better day to start fresh.

Day1: I started a journal, and using a variety of tips I have gathered I identified a few tips to help me succeed:

  • Keep a journal while you get started.

Track foods including times of day you eat and your exercise.

  • Eat more protein and “regular” foods.

Eat healthy foods that fill you up and you will be less likely to eat junk.

  • Eat more frequently.

Eat more often to avoid extreme hunger which can lead to binges.

  • Plan my weekly meals in advance.

Take the time to think about what you want to put into your body, and how you feel.

  • Cut back on portions.

Eat smaller portions and take your time.

  • Continue to exercise regularly.

Workout regularly and intensely, don’t let your regimen get boring and stale.

  • Find a motivating friend and keep each other on track.

Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and will be supportive of your aspirations. 

  • Frequently remind yourself why you want to change your life.

Write down your goals and the reason why you want to change your life.

Maybe the complete diet overhaul and exercise regimen was too much for 2013, after all it took me years to get past my thinking that slow long running was the “only” way to burn calories. I did commit to CrossFit with a vengeance but somehow working out is much easier for me that giving up sugar. It seems pretty unbalanced to workout constantly and fail to eat properly – I am thinking it is time to look at the other side of the equation with the same intensity.

My first motivational picture….  and reminder that I am in control of what I eat!


I am eager to see what my blood tests reveal, and to be honest I feel pretty excited to have some more energy and begin fueling my body more efficiently.

Question of the Day:

What do you eat as a healthy snack when you are on the go, or in a rush?