Foot Traffic Flat- Marathon 2016

Hi There,

My second marathon is now behind me.  My goal was to beat my time last fall at the 2015 Portland Marathon to ensure a spot at the Boston Marathon next spring.

Why would I try to go faster when I had already qualified for Boston?  The simple answer is that just because you meet the Boston qualfiying standard does not mean you are guaranteed a spot.  The marathon is capped at 30k runners; therefore, they take the fastest in each age division.  I was pretty sure my Portland time would get me a spot at Boston, but just incase I wanted to beat my qualifying time by about 15 mintues.

The race I used to accomplish my goal is the Foot  Traffic Flat at Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon.  The race was on the 4th of July, and couldn’t have offered more perfect weather.  It was a little overcast in the morning, and that cool weather made for a perfect start.  Until mile 21, I was cooking right along at about 7:50-7:55 pace no problem, but my legs got very, very stiff by mile 22 and to be honest, I was just tired.  My pace slowed a bit and I still made my goal time, but not by much.

sauvie island

I also changed up my typical wardrobe for this marathon.  I decided that I don’t like to run long distances in a tank top because I chaff under my arms.  After experienting on several training runs, I decided on the following gear:

  • Trusty Nike Hat
  • LULUlemon sports bra with pockets
  • LULUlemon swiftlytech crew neck tshirt
  • lululemon compression shorts with side pockets
  • Oakley glasses
  • Garmin watch

I like the idea of the sports bra with pockets; however, it chaffed me big time, the rest of the choices were perfect.

I trained differently for this marathon, I added in about 7 runs between 18-23 miles versus last fall I only did 2 runs that were around twenty miles.  In addition, I threw in a half marathon about 2 months before the marathon, just to get a baseline read on my time.  That was a good workout and helped me with my pacing goals.

foot traffic flat


The race start and finish were at the Pumpkin Patch.  Brent and I lived in Portland for years and always hit the Sauvie Island, Pumpkin Patch in the fall, they have a corn maize and all!


My family all ran the 5k and did well, they were waiting at the finish for me, which always makes the whole event so much more fun.

Next time I run 26.2 miles it will be Boston! I can’t wait to check that off my bucket list.


2016 Umpqua River Run – 10k

Good Morning,

Once again I am catching up on my posts, at a minimum I want to keep a record of the races I am running and the chip times for future reference.  Just a quick post today about the Umpqua River Run which takes place right here in my hometown of Roseburg, Oregon.  This event includes a half marathon, 10k, 5k and 1mile kids run.  This year I choose the 10k for a few reasons.

  1. It was shorter, which was nice because I was helping head up the kids 1 Mile run.
  2. I have been wanting to work on speed and the shorter distance was a great opportunity to get a baseline 10k time.
  3. 10k is a nice distance, simple, fast and typically I am not sore afterward.


The weather was forecasted to be 108 degrees on the day of the race… I just had to laugh.  As it turned out the 10k was early enough that it wasn’t unbearably warm outside.  I ended up finishing in 42:58 about a 6:55 pace which I was happy with.  My first mile was slow at about a 7:20 so, I must have warmed up and made up the time somewhere.




My two girls ran also, and did great.  I feel like the luckiest Mom in the world to share my passion for running with my family.


Proceeds of this race were  for the Boys and Girls Club.

If you are thinking about trying running,  just get out there and do it!  Start slowly even walking and build your stamina from there.  I promise you won’t regret it.

Shoot me a message if you are looking for a plan to get started.

Mildred Kanipe 9k- Trail Runs are not my Thing

Hi There,

This is an old post that I didn’t publish, I am getting caught up on my runs because I want to be sure I have them all documented ;-)…. crazy..? maybe.

This summer has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start for me, but I am trying to rally up and keep moving.  I hurt my back the week prior to us taking off on vacation.  Airplane seats + hurt back = pain. This is the second time I have hurt my back and it is taking awhile to heal up. After a visit to the chiropractor, I felt good enough to run, and by the time I returned from vacation I was back to the gym doing modified workouts.  It seemed like I was healing up well, so I decided to run the Mildred Kanipe 9k Trail Dash this weekend.

I ran the Mildred Kanipe trail dash in 2013 and it was quite the experience, I actually got lost!  Not just a little lost, I was actually scared.  I felt pretty confident this year, a little stiff from my injury and the workout the day prior but good enough to run.  Things were going well until about the 3.5 mile marker when I tripped on a tree stump and bit the dust… literally.  My mouth was full of dirt, thank goodness I wasn’t hurt and finished the race, still 2nd place in my age group 42:22 for the 9k.  That said, my wrist is swollen and palm is bruised pretty badly from the fall.

This picture up close shows dirt in my teeth!

mildred kanipe 2015

mildred kanipe 2015 results

My family had a good run as well, they all ran the 5k and finished injury free.

This run was truly for a good cause.  The park land was donated with the buildings and is a piece of history for Oregon and Douglas County, the race raises money for the Friends of Mildred Kanipe which is used to restore the historical land markers, and preserve the property.  The park is based on a trail system for horses, running, biking and hiking, it is also a wildlife preserve housing cattle and several peacocks.

Next on my agenda, is to heal up my wrist, rest my legs and back and then get a game plan for my next race… a plan that does not land me on a dirt trail face first!

Happy Running!

Do you ever run trails?  Can you share any tips on how to avoid falling and keep steady footing on the downhill portions?