Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

Hi There,

This post was inspired by a few who have emailed me or shared personal experiences about battling weight loss and struggling to like how you look.

Thank you for sharing your exprience.  Somehow my blog reached you via internet and you responded so I hope this post gets to you also.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – make me look like a barbie doll. Is this what women really want?

When you look in the mirror this is what you should see :-)


Honestly, I love Fitness Magazines and Magazines in general, but the women in the articles are FITNESS MODELS who are AIR BRUSHED and standing in a position to perfectly capture their physique when the camera snaps.


I don’t want to downplay the drive and commitment the women in the Magazines have  to eating right and working out (not to mention most raise families and work.) They are an inspiration or I wouldn’t buy the magazine.  I am sure any of these Cover Models would tell you,  that in person they have the same ups and downs as the rest of us.

We are all unique and have different goals, dreams, desires I am not implying anyone should “settle for mediocre” rather be realistic about what drives you personally and what fits into your lifestyle. If fitness is your driver, eat well and workout as much as you like, but please don’t compare or strive for perfection that does not exist, you will be repeatedly disappointed.

I have two daughters approaching teenage years, and want to send a clear defining message to them about striving to be healthy – not trying to look like a teenage pop star. In my opinion being active, making wise food decisions (most of the time,) viewing food as a way to fuel the body for mental and physical performance is an important concept for kids to learn.

I ran across this article on the “Fitness” website- Average is Beautiful – meet the “real girl” Barbie doll.  In all honesty, I think the shorter “real girl” looks better :-)


I wanted to write this post because I talk with people everyday who are dissatisfied with the way they look for crying out loud, I am not immune to these thoughts. I want to send a reminder that what matters is that you are you healthy, happy and doing what you love?  If so, you are winning the race :-).

Let’s put this in perspective: When I look at other women whom I see daily (even when they are at work, running errands, sweating,  having an off day, sad, or down on themselves) here is what I see looking at them through my eyes:

Motivation and talent,

Beautiful hair (I have one friend with the prettiest hair I always want to touch it.)




Some wonderful mothers,

Kind hearts,

Warm smiles,




We all have bad days but when it comes to our body nobody else is as critical of you as you. While you fret over every little thing, others likely see the traits above.

A body is just a body, and while I am guilty of picking mine apart. The goal should be to take care of the bodies God has given us while we are on the earth with healthy habits. This will give us the strength to enjoy and live life to it’s fullest. My idea of healthy habits reside in: outlook on life, how we respond to others, what foods we put into our bodies, staying fit so we can enjoy our other hobbies, kids and grandkids as we age.

Friends quote

My recommendation: If you want to make a change in the way you look, or you just want to live a more healthy lifestyle, make a realistic attainable goal and go for it. Don’t think about how terrible you feel currently or all the things you are unhappy with, Focus on your plan to get healthy!

Question of the Day:

What type of a goal have you set and achieved that was realistic and attainable?

For me the goal is to live a little outside of my comfort zone each day- I want to be a stronger, healthier version of myself.